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1 August 2011...that was the day I started, today when I look back on the past year and look at all the photos that have been taken,
memories captured timeless moments saved forever, I am proud of what I have accomplished, but also at the same time Humble...
There are so many people to thank that have helped me to get to this point and I would like to thank each and every one of you My passion for photography is to be able to capture the dreams of others on film, there by immortalizing the emotion at that one point in time.

Playtime Pictures

Fully fledged freelance photographer with a variety of shoots under her belt from weddings to full on television commercials and shows.
Name it and it will be captured in ways you never dreamed of!

Michael Burnett Photographic


Michael Burnett is a freelance photographer with a background in design and Art direction. He works as a photography lecturer at the Vega School of Brand Innovation in Johannesburg, South Africa. Having worked in the photographic industry for 7 years, he has a number of clients who often require cross-disciplinary photographic and Design output. He has a unique and discerning style with a few re-occurring themes and concepts, and still loves occasionally shooting on 35mm and medium format film.

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Immortal Photography

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Jade Photography


Personal Profile / Personal Attributes

• I am 55 years old and have been in the photographic industry for 24 years.
• I worked in a photographic laboratory for 13 years.
• I worked with and was taught by one of South Africa’s top photographers.
• Creativity and determination are the keys to my success.
• Relationship building with clients is crucial to my business and personal growth.

Career History

• During my School career I spent my holidays & weekends working in the community.
• Jan 1984 – Worked for a computer company.

FireFly Photography

If there is a word for being addicted or obsessed with photography, images, capturing the world - I would like to know.

My Nikon is my lover, and i am its mistress. I spend any and all extra time with my camera, scouring locations for possible shot, watching people for possible portraits, etc.

I work for a Vaal Triangle based Photography Business, Mardo Foto's; as a studio and on-location photographer. Apart from that I always have my camera with my, too scared that I might miss a shot.

This is what i do for a life and for fun.


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Simply Me Photography

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