Graham Abbott Photography

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Hi There! Well let me tell you where it all started ...I am dyslexic and was not really the greatest student so I enjoyed documenting life around me with a camera instead. My first SLR was a Canon FT QL with a 50 mm lens I got from my cousin Tym who had studied Photography in Poland and was my first inspiration.

Belle Lumiere

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Belle Lumière is my way of illuminating the world's beauty so that it is visible to others, whether to you "the world" is a person, an event, a place or an object...or even yourself.

Beginning with portraits as most photographers do, I soon escaped into the world of fashion and fine art figure studies, dabbling a little here and there in commercial work such as architecture, food, jewelry, etc.

Once the wedding bug bit me and knew people were my forte, fashion my niche.

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Photography By Dorian


I have always been fascinated by photography since the age of about 6. I remember the little Kodak 100 cameras that came out in the early 80's, you could fold them open! my mom had one and every occasion my mom allowed me to use it, i was absolutely thrilled. I come from a very modest background so I was not always allowed to take photos with it. My dad arrived one day with an even fancier Kodak model similar to my moms. it had a flash, auto rewind, 3 foto modes: portrait, landscape, macro...i think? a little red light for out of focus and a green one for in focus. This was just the bomb!!!

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E.L.S.K.E Photography

Professional Photographer since 1995, Fujifilm Award winning Photographer Press/Profoto/Accolade,Running own Freelance business since 1995, Spesialize in all photography, studio in Centurion, was part of Women by Women book launch in 2007,Been shooting for Beeld/Huisgenoot/Tuis&Home/Ideas magazines.

Picture Perfect

Did my Diploma in photography in 2005 at national c of Photography,Started working for Picture Perfect in 2006.In 2008 Worked at a fasion photography studio

Called Cover shot.

I spent A lot of time on my own photography,And still enjoy it

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AJK Photography

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Marijke Willems Photography

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Marijke Willems started her career in South Africa where she worked as an assistant for a well-known photographer, and during this period she did her own photo shoots. As she came to the Netherlands in 2005 to enhance her studies in photography she graduated at the Foto Academie, Amsterdam in Fashion Advertising.

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