Photographer :


I am a creative person who are very interested in many forms of art, such as argitechture, multimedia, realistic drawings and aspecially proffessional photography.

I believe I have talent behind a camera because I've won the Randburg sun weekly photo competition twice.

I've finished matric last year and desided to take a gap year before studying.
This year I'm working at a pharmacy to make a little money of my own but also desided to go in a photography direction.

Photographer :

Andries Joubert Photography


Andries Joubert is based in South Africa and specializes in the field of industrial photography which are affiliated with the oil and gas, construction, architectural industry. His other field of photography is in the wine and beverage industry.

He is involved in the corporate world where he is commissioned to do portrait work of the General Managers, Partners, CEO and employees.

Currently he is working with one Austrian magazine capturing the essence of South Africa and Africa.

Graham Abbott Photography

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Hi There! Well let me tell you where it all started ...I am dyslexic and was not really the greatest student so I enjoyed documenting life around me with a camera instead. My first SLR was a Canon FT QL with a 50 mm lens I got from my cousin Tym who had studied Photography in Poland and was my first inspiration.

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