What colour space/colour profile is used for the images ?

All images are sold as Adobe (1998) RGB files. The colour profile is embedded in the image file.


Do credits expire ?

No, Mimages Credits do not expire. You can use them whenever you want.


Can we use the images over and over in different projects?

  • Royalty-free images may be used by you multiple times for multiple projects without incurring additional fees
  • Rights-managed images are licensed on a use-by-use basis for a specific period of time.

For more information regarding the different license types please click here.


Can I purchase credits in order to buy images ?

Yes you can. Click here to Buy Credits and use them to purchase images.
This is perfect for companies that would like to buy credits in advance and not pay on per image basis by credit card.

For more information on Mimages Credits and how to use them, click here.


Can I download images right away after purchase ?

  • If you have paid by credit card or with Mimages Credits the images will be available for download on completion of the checkout process.
  • If you have paid via a bank transfer, the images will be available for download as soon as the money has been transfered to our bank account.

For more information on buying images visit the help page by clicking here.
For more information about downloading images visit the help page by clicking here.


Will I be sent an invoice for images purchased ?

Yes, as soon as the transaction has been processed, an invoice will be e-mailed to you. A record of all transactions and invoices is also available on the My Account page.

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