License Types

Here you will find information on the types of license rights available for all of Mimages products and each of the license agreements pertaining to those products and rights.

Rights-managed (RM)

Rights-managed images are licensed on a use-by-use basis. The fee for using the image is calculated from two factors namely the type of usage, and the duration of use. At the time you order a rights-managed product, you will be asked to submit information that will specify the usage rights to be granted. Mimages Rights Managed Images are generally non-exclusive. Exclusive rights are available for purchase on some rights-managed images. All licenses of rights-managed products are subject to the Mimages License Agreement.

Royalty-free (RF)

Royalty-free images may be used by you multiple times for multiple projects without incurring additional fees. Royalty-free pricing is based solely on the image size of the product you need and the number of people entitled to use it (maximum 10), not the specific use. You don't have to pay any additional royalties on a use-by-use basis. However, as with all Mimages licenses, the rights granted are non-transferable and are personal to you. This means that if you license an RF product to be used in a derivative work by your client or any other person, they may not use the licensed product separately from the derivative work. Royalty-free licenses are always non-exclusive. All licenses of royalty-free products are subject to the Mimages License Agreement.

"Comping" & Preview Use

Mimages permits certain electronic files of its products to be used free of charge (or in some cases for a minimal fee) for a limited duration, if they are used only for personal, noncommercial use and solely for test or sample purposes. Comping files may be used to take a closer look at a particular image or to create materials for proofing presentations to clients. Comping files are not licensed for use in final projects, whether for internal or external use.