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Mysterious ladder 02
Perissa Beach
Whale Shark, Philippines
Lipizzaner 03
Red tropical fish on coral reef
Surfs Up, Hawaii
Gariep dam wall 01
Mountains of salt at the salt flats of Pekelmeer, Bonaire Island, Caribbean.
Classic Car
California sea otter, Enhydra lutris, Monterey, CA. USA.
Berkshire pig tail
Roasted marshmallow
Young African woman at work 04
Barack Obama and Joseph Biden, USA
Sporty pregnant african tummy
A tow-in surfer drops to the curl of Hawaii's big surf at Peahi off Maui, Hawaii
Ferry to liberty island
Dig in 03
Prawn on Hawaiian coral reef
A commercial hard hat divers helmet with lights, Oahu, Hawaii.
Electrical plug
Hands breaking fresh bread
Rustic door