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Pride of Africa 03
Fan worm, Spirographis spallanzani
Wild donkeys on the island of Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, Caribbean.
Robben Island, Cape Town, South Africa
Horses under Aurora Borealis, Iceland.
Flying bodybuilder
California sea otter, Enhydra lutris, Monterey, CA. USA.
Orange petal ruffles
Lobate comb jelly, Ocyropsis maculata, Indonesia.
Golf ball on tee.
Couple have a fun pillow fight.
Sitting with the ball
Glamour glasses
Forest Nimf
Broken ostrich shell fashion 01
The Amphitheatre from the Tugela River, KZN, South Africa.
Enjoying the waves 01
African greeting gesture 02
Zulu girls playing a game, Shakaland, KZN, South Africa
Sunset walk
Cable Car, Table Mountain, South Africa
Silent gaze
Happy sailor
Wooden boat, washed up on beach 02
Rustic door
Suspension bridge over Storms River, Storms River National Park, Western Cape, South Africa