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Maria Shires Falls, Mpumalanga, South Africa
door to a temple in the royal palace of bangkok
Under handed 03
Galapagos Shark, Hawaii
Woman jogging
Chicks being sorted at poultry plant.
Road trip
Menacing Great White Shark
Aerial landscape
Amakweta,circumcision ceremny, Wild Coast, South Africa
Chacma Baboon grooming each other, Northern Tuli, Botswana
Nurse measuring a young boys height
Hawksbill Turtle and diver, Malaysia
Flying Gurnard, Hawaii
Golfer putting, South Africa
Standing guard 06
Orange petal ruffles
Body and sculpture 05
African girl playing with bubbles 04
Art on art 03
Barnafossar waterfalls in Borgarfjordur, Iceland..
American flags on Memorial Day Holiday, USA
Diver exploring coral reef, Hawaii
Fishing Boat