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Kitten sitting
outsude wall of temple Wat pho.
Peach 3
Sevilla, Spain
Whitetip Reef Shark off the coast of Hawaii.
Sangoma charms, Basotho Cultural Village, South Africa.
California Sea Otter, Monterey, California, USA
street cat getting ready to attack
Space Shuttle on launch pad, USA
Sherman Monument 03
Baby bottle with drugs
Sunset windmill
Tow-in surfer drops to the curl of big surf, Hawaii
Phllemon Pearce Duma Nokwe statue 01
Purple Vygie 04
Hands holding potatoes , Maine
Stream, Sabi, South Africa
Marabou Stork silhouette, Botswana
Hospital Room
Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain
Oil refinery
Fishing boat on the beach
Phllemon Pearce Duma Nokwe statue 04
Shoal of Stingray from below
Ginger root