Searching for images

Finding that special image has been made very easy. On the HOME screen you are presented with two search panels.

Simply enter all search keywords, separated by a space or a comma ( , ) in the space provided in either of the two search panels, and click on the SUBMIT button.


Refining your Search

You can refine your search results by entering your keywords, and then selecting whether you would like to only view images of a certain License Type and/or the images have been Released.


Search Tips

  • You can search with as many keywords as you like - but we suggest that you start with single broad terms and add more keywords to refine your search.
  • To search an exact phrase, put that phrase in quotes.
  • You can use the word OR in your search. For example search for - 'Teenagers boys OR girls'. If you search for 'Teenagers boys girls' it will be considered that you are looking for images that contain both boys AND girls in the same image.
  • You can exclude certain images by using a dash '-'. For example you can search for 'cars -red', this will search for all the images containing cars but exclude all red cars in the search.
  • Add phases like 'landscape', 'portrait', 'vertical', 'horizontal', 'portrait', 'square' and 'panoramic' to your search to find images of a specific format. For example searching for 'Cape Town panoramic' will only find images of Cape Town in a panoramic format.


Viewing Your Search Results

Once you have entered your keywords and pressed the Submit button, your results will be displayed in the Library View.


  • By clicking on a thumbnail image in the Library View; detailed information about the image will be displayed.


  • You can view a large preview image by clicking on the image displayed in the detailed information view.

  • To exit the large preview click on any part of the screen or press the Esc key.
  • To return to your search results thumbnails simply press the Back button on your browser.


If you don't find the exact image you want in your first search, try again. Some adjustments to your filter and keyword combinations are all you may need to find that perfect image!