My Account

Your account page is setup for the following tasks.

  • View/editing your account information.
  • Downloading purchased image files.
  • View your Orders.
  • Managing your Product Licenses.


User Account Information

By clicking on the My Account button on the left hand side of the screen you will be presented with the User Account information page.

This is a summary of your account details and links to purchased image files and your order information.

You can also click on the Edit tab at the top of the page to edit/update any of your account information.


Downloading Image Files

Once your order has been completed, the files you have purchased will be appear on the list. (see below)

You will be sent an e-mail with links to the purchased files, or you can download the images from the My Account page by clicking on the Files tab at the top of the page. (see below).

You can download the files in two ways:

  • Right Click (Win) / Ctrl+Click (Mac) on the filename link and select SAVE AS, to download the file directly to your computer.


  • Simply click on the filename link and the file will start downloading in your browser window. Wait for the file to finish downloading, and then save the image to your computer.

You have 24 hours to download the files after your order has been completed. After that time the link will become inactive.

If the file download fails for some reason - just click on the link again and restart the process until the file has successfully downloaded.


Viewing your Orders

All your orders will be listed on the Orders page. You can view the order by clicking on the Order # link. (see below)

All information regarding the order will be displayed and an invoice can also be printed.


Product Licenses

After having bought a RM - Rights Managed image, the license will be added to your account page under the Product Licenses tab.

You will be able to track the usage period of the image license here.

Before the license expires you will be notified by email, and have the option of renewing the image usage license.